Dr. Cory Stiles, 2020 Club President

2020 Club Officers:

President:   Dr. Cory Stiles, cory.stiles2@verizon.net


Vice President: Kim Doherty, kks@lonestararabians.com


Secretary:  Margaret Hardman-Muye, shiprockgal@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Judy Stubblefield, judy_stubblefield@yahoo.com


Publicity Secretary:  Betty Bechtold, bb1941@sbcglobal.net

Board Members:

Judy Stubblefield, Membership Chairperson

Kelly Carter

Caryn Crull

Kaylan Hopper

Julie Redding

Karen Shutts

Membership Chairperson:

Judy Stubblefied, judy_stubblefield@yahoo.com



As many of you are aware, our Arabian industry
is suffering, there is a decline: in the number of horses being bred each year, in the number of 
entries at local horse shows and new people joining our industry.  Here's where we need your help.  Please share your thoughts and opinions
on how we might address these important
issues.  Our club sends delegates to the annual Arabian Horse Association convention and we'd
like to share your comments with convention delegates. 
Keep informed....visit our AHA Updates  
page for the latest  AHA news;  rule changes, approved resolutions, etc.
On a lighter note,  we'd love to hear from you regarding how we can improve the shows that
we host and how the club can better serve our members. So, please take the time to send us a message. Thanks for your valuable time! 
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