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Gulf Coast Arabian Horse Club is made up of people like you! We are 'everyday' people that have an interest in and love for the Arabian horse. Our members are diverse and range from horse-loving hobbyists to owners and exhibitors of National Champions. Our club has been in existence for over 50 years, and we always welcome more of those wishing to partake in and discover the fun, exciting and enjoyable moments that this great breed can offer.


"Our mission is to aid and encourage the breeding, exhibiting, perpetuating and promoting of Arabian, Half-Arabian, and Anglo-Arabian horses in the Gulf Coast area, to promote and manage exhibits & shows for the education of those interested, and to provide funds for benevolent uses that fulfill the purposes of our mission."


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Club History: "A Horse, a Girl, a Club"

The Gulf Coast Arabian Horse Club, as we know it today, came into being due to the channeled efforts of several dedicated people and the presence in our area of a bay Arabian stallion named Fayhan, who introduced many a newcomer to our great breed, and led to the formation of an eventual Arabian Club based in the Gulf Coast area, not in Dallas! 


Fayhan by Ibn Hanrah (his first son) x Fay Ufa, was foaled April 14, 1955. He was bred by Gerald Donoghue and was purchased as a late yearling by a young Houston girl, Gaylene Stickle, who was later to become the first president of the Gulf Coast Arabian Horse Club. Fayhan went to Carol's and Chappie's as a late two-year-old for training and his good looks and intelligence made him very successful in the show ring, winning many championships, and topping his show career by being named US Top Ten English Pleasure Horse of 1964, carrying an amateur rider.


It was from Fayhan's breeding record that many of the names for future club members were taken to correlate a group interest in Arabians. This interest led to an informal meeting in March of 1963, at the home of Mac and Lori McDonald in Bellaire. Those in attendance at this first meeting were: Doug and Margaret Marshall, Tom McNair, Jimmy and Gaylene Sharp, Mac and Lori McDonald, Walter Harrison, and Anne McNeel. This meeting was followed by the first official meeting on April 24th, 1963, hosted by the Marshalls at the Houston Club.

We held our first horse show in 1964. It was an open horse show at Pin Oak and we donated $50 of our proceeds to the Texas Children's Hospital. From 1963 until 1967, the Gulf Coast Club functioned as a satellite club of the Arabian Horse Club of Texas. It was in August of 1967 that we (Gulf Coast) were voted membership into International as a separate club. Soon after this, other Texas groups followed our precedent.

Yes, we have come a long way. The Club that started with 92 charter members (including juniors) and donated $50 to charity now has four hundred members (note: remember, this is 1976) and has donated thousands of dollars to various charities.


The influence of Fayhan is still present, as his head study by the well-known artist, Elizabeth Bell, still graces our Club stationery. Fayhan (at 21 years young) is still the foundation of Jimmy and Gaylene's Arabian herd. He is the sire and grandsire of many champions and top ten winners, and still looks forward to seeing visitors and visiting mares.

This article was printed in the April, 1976 Advocate and written by club member and Advocate Editor Doug Heideman.


The information for this article was provided by previous charter members: Gaylene Sharp, Molly Wallin, and Lori McDonald. Many thanks for their contribution.


Gulf Coast Arabian Horse Club

Proudly Supporting the Arabian Horse Industry Since 1963

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