2015 - 2020 Approved Resolutions

If you weren't able to attend the 2015 - 2020 Convention, please visit the Convention page on the Arabian Horse Association website to learn what resolutions were approved.

2015 Approved Resolutions: 



2016 Approved Resolutions:


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2018 Approved Resolutions:


2019 Approved Resolutions:


2020 Approved Resolutions:


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Leveling Program -

Verify exact rules and criteria with AHA and USEF


1. Refer to (USEF AR110.2) for complete rules for Achievement leveling.

2. Riders may Level Up (but not down) USEF AR 110.2.g.

3. To find you level, 1st qualify the horse in the section then the rider FOR THE CORRECT LEVEL.

4. Ribbons won within a Section / Category do not count in reckoning Select Rider status if the rider/driver transfers to a new section / category.

5. It does not matter if they rode a Arabian or HA/AA.

6. If you are a select rider on Dec 1 of the previous year, you are a select rider for the current show year. (Dec 1, 2019 for the 2020 show year) Wins after Dec 1 do not count toward any Achievement leveling Status for the current show year.

7. Achievement Leveling Points are not earned in Walk/Trot/Jog classes and will not count toward the Achievement Leveling Program.

8. No Achievement Leveling Award points will be awarded in one horse classes at any AHA recognized competition. See Point Table for Shows in ACH 105.1

9. Achievement Leveling points awarded to an exhibitor competing as a Youth will be maintained by that exhibitor when they move forward and compete in the Adult Amateur Achievement Levels.

10. Achievement Leveling points awarded to an exhibitor competing as a Youth and/or an Adult Amateur do not count against a rider crossing over into the Open Achievement Levels.

11. An exhibitor can return to a lower level in a particular section if the exhibitor has not earned any points (National, Regional or Regular Competition) in the past 10 consecutive years in that particular that defined section.

12. Primetime – Open to AHA members which are USEF/EC amateurs 60 years of age or older and may participate in all disciplines.

For more information go to AHA website: 


AHA INSIDER Dated 12-09-2020

Leveling ---

The new view for Leveling is now available under your login. Go to the AHA Horse/Rider Points and Competition Records link under the “I want to…” section. Go to “Rider Search” and select “Leveling Points” to view your current record for the 2021 competition year. Note: depending on where your points were earned, you may be riding under different levels at the Regional/Recognized level versus the National Level.




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